Brief History of Corvette Racing

History of Corvette Race Cars

Corvette is one of the most iconic vehicles ever produced. The distinctive brand has a rich history of participation in racing events around the world. Each model brought their own unique style that stood out among other creations. This legacy continues today as Chevrolet continues to develop cars for this competitive field.

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The public was first introduced to the model in 1956. Its design was focused on speed as well as performance in variety of racing situations. A heavier body made it more difficult for the vehicle to become a serious contender. Its creators sought to change the weight but many other elements would have to be adjusted to become a success. Many car enthusiasts were intrigued by the striking fin that ran along the center of the car. This look complimented a lower grill as well as special pockets to circulate air quickly. Little is known about the SR title with many theories suggesting the word `racing` is represented by the initials.



1961 Corvette

1961-Corvette-Gulf-Oil-Race-Car-TopThis model saw its debut in a 1961 endurance race. Sponsorship opportunities helped the automaker add special features to improve all areas of performance. Numerous wins established this car as a prominent addition for the brand. Fuel injection works with a four speed transmission to create reliability among higher speeds. Suspension complimented the braking structure for more control among various turns. A short back kept the emphasis on the rear for dedicated movement. Headlights were covered to prevent debris from damaging lighting or interfering with the entire beam.




Grand Sport

A central design aspect of this 1963 vehicle was to remove weight. Previous models were not meeting their potential and it was felt that creating cars that were low on heavy materials would be the key to success. A V8 engine gave the model power but a lack of success with features left creators frustrated with the concept. The company finally ordered engineers to end their work on the creation. It would only be seen in a few races before being retired from events.1963_Corvette_Grand_Sport








The early 1980s gave engineers a chance to try out new designs for Corvette racing. What emerged was a style that was very different from earlier versions. Its entire body relied on sleek lines that lead to a tightly set spoiler at the back. This included doors that uniquely opened upwards to create a better seal when closed. Everything was placed lower to the ground to increase speed as well as handling. A V6 and V8 engine were both used on the vehicle during its racing career, which saw wins at prominent events throughout the decade.p719







This vehicle was specifically created for a variety of events such as endurance racing. Its appearance closely resembled the body of standard Corvettes from the 1990s but its internal structure more closely matched race cars. A spoiler was added for the aerodynamic consideration on this model. Headlights were placed low on body to keep safety without losing aerodynamic properties. V8 engines allowed these powerful editions to reach a high speed as it maintained good performance levels.chevrolet-corvette-c5r-image_98469



GT4 C6

A decision was made to compete once again and this model proved to be what certain racers were searching for in a vehicle. The design came from a standard Corvette. Only minimal changes occurred to the internal structure from which elements removed for weight concerns.

Racing teams continue to look at Corvette for special vehicles that meet their demands. These models combine the best features of this popular car with unique performance elements. Many people who follow Torque Cars also know the importance of this well-known brand as it continues to be a highlight at events.gt2-vette-lead