C2 Corvette

By the time 1963 rolled around, America’s sports car was set for its first generational change. Thus, the second generation, the C2 Corvette, was born and continued through 1967.

C2 Corvette Emblem

With the automotive power wars, between the big three, and Zora Duntov’s passion for racing burning hotter than ever, big changes were coming.

Although GM had signed on to the Automotive Manufacture’s Association’s racing ban, Corvettes engineering chief was always looking for a way around it while keeping it secret from GM’s top brass.

Most Radical C2 Corvette

When it comes to our pick for a Radical C2 Corvette it was a toss-up. There was the 63 Z06 Grand Sport, a very radical machine built to race with its 377 ci small block with 4, 58 mm Weber carbs. It’s very rare as only 5 were ever made, but they do all still exist. , but was never really produced for sale to the public.

Corvette L88So we have chosen the 1967 L88 for our pick for the most radical C2 Corvette. It’s also a very rare machine and probably the most Radical Corvette ever built. In fact, out of the 22940 Corvettes produced that year, only 20 were made with the L88 option.

RPO L88 was a 427 ci big block, with aluminum heads, strengthened crank, 12.5:1 pistons and an 850 Holley double pumper on top, supplying fuel to this high performance racing machine. With a factory rating of 430 HP, actually putting out around 560 on a dyno machine, the L88 option required a (M22) Muncie Rock Crusher manual four speed, or a

67 Corvette L88 Motor(M20) Hydromantic Automatic. It also received RPO- J56 power assisted heavy duty brakes, RPO-F41 heavy duty suspension and RPO-G81 a posi-traction rear gear.

This Corvette was never meant to be driven on the street and to further deter the customer from doing so, the car was radio, A/C and heater delete. An added deterrent was the double the price, price tag than that of the standard big block RPO-L71. Most of the L88 Corvettes went straight to the race track, 4 speeds for road racing and automatics to the drag strip.

Directly from the factory this Radical ride, which included a plate on the console “RACING FUEL ONLY”, there were L88 Corvettes making 10.5 second passes in the quarter mile, with the use of racing fuel and no exhaust.

With a minimum estimate value of 300,000.00 this C2 Corvette would be the crowning jewel of any collection. It is on record that the first L88 ever produced sold for 1.5 million in 2007