Aeromotive A2000 Carbureted Fuel Pump

Price: $515.00 $472.99

A2000 Carbureted Fuel Pump

 Aeromotive A2000 Carbureted Fuel Pump

From Stock Eliminator to Pro Mod, the Aeromotive A2000 is a versatile force to reckoned with and stands alone as a ‘big’ carbureted fuel pump.

The  Aeromotive A2000 flows enough fuel to support the world’s quickest nitrous Pro-mods on gasoline, and is the industry’s only fuel pump that uses a true diaphragm controlled, adjustable bypass valve, integral to the pump. This design dampens pressure spikes, delivering smoother, more controlled flow and pressure, ensuring more consistent E.T.s and win lights.

• High torque, low RPM motor design delivers more than 350 GPH free flow, while developing less current draw than any other pump in its class.
• Adjustable diaphragm bypass valve outperforms ineffective poppet designs, minimizing flow loss and pressure fluctuation to the regulator and carburetor.
• ORB-10 inlet and outlet ports with ORB-8 return and 1/8′ NPT gauge port.
• Proprietary seal design eliminates leakage.
• Alcohol compatible.
• Multiple bolt patterns on the bottom of the pump body fit many chassis mounting options