Dart Small Block Chevy Pro 1 Aluminum Heads

Price: $793.90

Dart 11211112P - Dart Small Block Chevy Pro 1 Aluminum Heads

The New Dart Small Block Chevy Platinum Pro 1 heads’ intake seats have five distinct angles – a direct result of Dart’s wet-flow testing. The benefits of a five-angle intake seat don’t become apparent until you test them in a wet-flow condition. Each of the five angles provides a shear point for the fuel to go into suspension before it enters the chamber.

The Platinum Series heads now come with back-cut valves. A back-cut valve makes a big difference in how the fuel is conditioned before it enters the combustion chamber. The end result of all of these changes is that the engine pulls more fuel and makes more power.

The spark plugs in Platinum Series heads are located as close to the top and center of the combustion chambers as possible. This shortens the distance that the flame front must travel and produces a more uniform pressure rise in the cylinder to push the piston downward!


  • 180cc 72cc 2.02/1.60 1.47D
  • Virgin C355-T61 Aerospace Alloy
  • Bolt-on Compatibility: Standard Valve Angle & Spacing
  • Heart Shaped Combustion Chambers
  • Multi-angle Intake Seats
  • Radiused Hardened Exhaust Seats
  • Manganese Bronze Valve Guides
  • Choice of Angled or Straight Spark Plugs
  • Dual Exhaust Bolt Pattern
  • Sold Individually