DataMaxx Bracket Data Logger Kit


The DataMaxx Bracket Data Logger Kit is designed to give you all of the essential information that every racer should know while staying under a grand! You’re not going to pay for anything you’re not going to use with this kit and with the DataMaxx Module system you can easily upgrade at anytime should the need arise. Comes with Engine RPM, Driveshaft RPM, Fuel psi, Oil psi, Water Temp, a single EGT Probe, Battery Voltage and 2 Switch Monitors. You can easily add the DataMaxx LCD Dash to your kit or add it down the road. Also check out the Sportsman Kit for dual oxygen sensors and the Professional Kit for 8 EGT probes

When placing order, let us know :

#1 Driveshaft Collar Size : Small Pinion 1.878 or Large Pinion 2.190

#2 Fuel Pressure Range : What range sensor do you need for fuel pressure? 0-15 psi , 0-100 psi , or 0-500 psi