The DataMaxx Professional Kit is a must have for any heads up racer. Protect your expensive investment by using a data logger that monitors every cylinder and pressure necessary to increase horsepower without damaging your engine. This specific kit is designed for the heads up racer that needs to monitor the motor closely. Comes with Engine RPM, Driveshaft RPM, Fuel psi, Oil psi, Boost or Nitrous, Accelerometer, 8 EGT’s, Remote SD module, Battery Voltage and 2 Switch Monitors. You can easily add the DataMaxx LCD Dash to your kit or add it down the road. Also check out the Bracket Kit for a kit under a thousand dollars and the Sportsman Kit for dual oxygen sensors.

Let us know the following when ordering :

Driveshaft Collar Size  : Small Pinion 1.878 or Large Pinion 2.190

Fuel Pressure , What Fuel Pressure Sensor Do You Need  0-15 psi , 0-100psi or 0-500 psi