The DataMaxx Sportsman Data Logger Kit is designed to maintain a consistent tune up and maximize your consistency. A must have for any multi-day racers or racer that is ready to take their bracket racing to the next level. This kit comes with dual oxygen sensor to ensure your tune-up is consistent each round and each race allowing you to be more consistent than ever. Comes with Engine RPM, Driveshaft RPM, Fuel psi, Oil psi, Dual Oxygen Sensors, Battery Voltage and 2 Switch Monitors. You can easily add the DataMaxx LCD Dash to your kit or add it down the road. Also check out the Bracket Kit for an under a thousand dollars and the Professional Kit for 8 EGT probes

Let us know :

Driveshaft Collar Size : Small Pinion 1.878 or Large Pinion 2.190

Fuel Pressure : What range sensor do you need for fuel pressure? 0-15 psi , 0-100 psi or 0-500psi