Exedy Twin Disc Evo X

Price: $1,585.00

This is the Exedy Hyper Twin Organic Clutch Kit. This particular clutch kit is designed for high power applications that participate in drag, road racing, and rally racing. This particular clutch kit is rated for 500 ft/lbs of torque. These clutch kits will come with a lightweight, chromoly steel flywheel along with their flagship purple anodized forged aluminum clutch cover.

This clutch also features T5001 cerametallic friction materials for extreme heat resistance needed for those of you who have moderate bolt-ons. That means if you have an upgraded turbocharger with increased boost, injectors, exhaust, and all thr right parts to bring the boys to the yard, then this clutch will certainly support those power levels.

This is a sprung hub multi-disc style pull-type clutch with a torque rating of 553 ft/lbs