GSC Power Division Evo X Stage 2 Camshafts

Price: $658.75

The GSC Power-Division S2 cams for the Mitsu Evolution X are designed for those with 600HP+ in mind. Gains of 40-80whp (depending on Turbo) have been seen by simply bolting the S2 cams in.

  • Designed for a rev range of 3800-8500rpms,
  • The S2 cams require an upgraded valve spring.
6010S2 ADV Duration Duration @ 1mm Peak Lift
Intake 274 230 11.20mm
Exhaust 274 230 11.00mm

GSC 7000 Series Full Billet Camshafts are 100% in-house cut and ground on the newest, most precise CNC machines available.  The 7000 Series camshafts take the import valve train market to another level, being the only readily available and affordable billet camshafts for sport compact/ import performance cars.   The lobe profiles are still the same spec GSC Power-Division is known for worldwide, giving the best power gains and smoothest drivability out of anyone in the industry.  Appearance wise the new dark nitride coating aids in wear/fatigue resistance, lubricity, and superior corrosion resistance. The 7000 Series camshafts have raised the bar and will be the cams that all others will be judged against.