K&N Composite Scoops

K&N’s carbon fiber composites have an attractive cosmetic appeal, and the outstanding stiffness to weight ratio that is needed to stay competitive in today’s racing industry. Carbon fiber composites have taken the method traditionally associated with fiberglass and perfected it to a precise science with outstanding performance as the result
Finish: Natural
Color: Black
Material: Carbon Fiber
  • K&N’s Carbon Fiber Composites Have An Attractive Cosmetic Appeal, And The Outstanding Stiffness To Weight Ratio That Is Needed To Stay Competitive In Today’s Racing Industry
  • Carbon Fiber Composites Have Taken The Method Traditionally Associated With Fiberglass And Perfected It To A Precise Science With Outstanding Performance As The Result
  • Limited 1 Year Warranty


Carbon Fiber Dragster Scoop- Includes Dominator assembly, scoop & base

K&N 100-8505 - K&N Carbon Fiber Hood Scoops












100-8506 / 1008508

Ideal for Pro Stock, Pro Mod, Top Sportsman, Super Stock, Super Gas and Super Street, carbon fiber scoops reflect advanced compulational fluid dynamics (CFO) and Solidwoeks CAD for reduced aerodynamic drag


100-8506– D- Shaped Opening, 10″ Height, 50 Sq in Opening

K&N 100-8506 - K&N Carbon Fiber Pro-Stock Scoop

100-8508– D Shaped Opening ,11″ Height , 50 Sq in Opening

K&N 100-8508 - K&N Carbon Fiber Pro-Stock Scoop