MSD LS Series Ignition Controller

MSD LS Series Ignition Controller
Ignition Control Module; 6 Series; For Use With GM LS-Series Engines; Street/Drag Racing/Circle Track Use; Digital; With Adjustable Rev Limiter; Single Spark Discharge; With Boost Retard; Individual Cylinder Timing; High Speed Data Acquisition

This new and improved MSD LS Series  Ignition Controller has all the great benefits of the 6LS controller. Programmable step retard, launch retard, and RPM rev limiters plus many new features. Designed to fit most LS engines these new features include six pre-programmed timing tables, high-speed data acquisition, idle timing control and individual cylinder timing. The rotary timing selector switch allows timing changes to be made on the fly Compatible with all MSD, Accel and GM LS coils, available now in red and black.






As the popularity of GM LS engines continue to grow, so does the demand for a powerful, reliable and easily adaptable ignition system. MSD has answered this demand with an updated and improved version of the popular 6LS box. Whether using a stock crate engine or building a custom powerhouse, the MSD LS Series Ignition Controller provides the control you need to achieve the performance you want. Dial in the perfect tune for your LS using the easily adjustable preset timing curves or hook-up to your computer and program a custom setup with our user friendly MSD View software. New features of the LS Ignition are in addition to the existing programmable step retard, launch retard and RPM rev limiters from its predecessor.
Recommended Use: Street/ Drag Racing/ Circle Track
Color: Black
Circuitry: Digital
Output: Single Spark Discharge
Timing Retard: Yes
REV Limiter: Yes
Data Acquisition: Yes
Includes Coil: No