MSD Atomic EFI System


Atomic EFI Master Kit-PN 2900


This is the complete kit for anyone planning to convert from a carburetor to Atomic EFI. You get the Throttle Body, Power Module(with Wide Band O2 sensor), Handheld Controller, and the Standard Fuel Kit for up to 525hp naturally aspirated (at the crank). The Atomic TBI is compatible with Boost/Nitrous!

  • Blow Through or Draw Through
  • 2 BAR MAP, up to 14psi
  • Timing Control (Retard per pound of boost)*
  • Alternate Air Fuel setting under boost
  • Can be used on V6 or V8 engines

Includes a Nitrous Retard (It will retard timing when nitrous is active).
Alternate Air Fuel setting when nitrous is active**

*The Atomic must be controlling ignition timing in order for the Boost/ nitrous timing retards to work.
** Works with WET nitrous systems only. The nitrous function will not compensate for fuel on a DRY nitrous system.