NC-1/NC-2 Nitrous Controller and Vehicle Data Logger


The NC-1 and NC-2 units have identical features and capabilities except that the NC-2 can directly drive two nitrous stages with progressive control (modulated flow). The NC-1 requires external relays and is limited to on/off control.


· Drives two nitrous stages and purge solenoid. NC-2 is capable of 40 amp output on each stage. 

· Each stage is independently programmable based on throttle position, RPM, vehicle speed, time delay, and first gear lockout. NC-2 adds capability for RPM or time based progressive control. 

· Output for purge solenoid (requires external relay). Programmable automatic purge when system is armed. 

· Flexible RPM input compatible with high voltage coil drive (vehicles with coil packs or distributor ignition), standard 12 volt tach signal, or low level logic drive (newer vehicles with coil-on-plug). 

· General purpose input/output (GPIO) terminal. Programmable for use as shift light output, additional stage enable input, or control output for ignition retard.

· Status LED output (ideal for use with arming switch containing LED).

· Built-in data logging. Ideal as basic vehicle data logger during dyno tuning or drag racing. Logs data whenever system is armed. Stores last 5 minutes of data at 10 samples/second. 

· Data logged includes throttle position, RPM, vehicle speed, status of all inputs and outputs, and two 0-5 volt analog inputs. If you need to add a vehicle speed sensor to a race car, refer to our Vehicle Speed Sensor Tech Note.

· 0-5 Volt analog inputs are compatible with Daytona Sensors single or dual channel WEGO systems for logging wide-band air/fuel ratio data. 

· Heavy duty industrial grade clamping terminal blocks allow easy and reliable hookup without soldering or crimping.

· Compact size: NC-1 is 3.3”L x 2.4”W x 1.1”H and NC-2 is 4.1”L x 2.8”W x 1.1”H (not including mounting feet and terminal block). 

· USB interface to laptop PC. Powerful Windows software for programming controller and  downloading logged data