OE Optispark LT1 / LT4



  • Our Optispark unit is equipped with a MITSUBISHI-GRADE OPTICAL SENSOR MODULE. Our optical sensor is built using components that are equal to or higher quality than the original equipment optical sensor found in factory-supplied distributors.
  • Our Optispark distributor cap has a ventilation port cast into it with high quality brass terminals and high voltage distribution straps.
  • The brass tipped rotor of each unit is secured with Loctite, assembled, and then tested for leakage. The final touch is the installation of a vacuum ventilation hose assembly with the correct check and restrictor valves to prevent distributor cap damage.
  • The OE Optispark kit includes all the pieces and attachments necessary to make the conversion, including manifold fittings, the vacuum hose assembly, and installation instructions. You can rest assured that you will not need to make trips back and forth to the auto parts store to buy another little piece to finish the project.

Ventilated Opti-spark distributor for all LT1 and LT4 engine applications.

For Use In

92-97 Corvette 5.7 LT1 / LT4, 

Buick/Cadillac/Chevrolet/Pontiac 1994-1997 V8 5.7L LT1/LT4