Prime Suspension Coilovers


    Prime Suspension is an excellent suspension solution for those who demand an enhanced ride quality without sacrificing control. With over a decade of shock building experience, Prime Suspension has optimized the delicate balance between reliable longevity and performance. Whether the objective is to lower a vehicle for the street, hot lap at the track, or drift around corners; Prime Suspension dampers offer the versatility and capability needed to succeed.

Prime Suspension was launched by Fortune Auto in 2015 as a subsidiary brand to fill a large void in the suspension industry. With over a decade of shock building experience, and constant pursuit of advancement, Fortune Auto has progressed to optimize the delicate balance between reliably longevity and performance. Prime Suspension was developed with the idea of providing a competitive product at an affordable price point with the benefits of Fortune Auto unrivaled technology, tech support and quality control standards.

Prime Suspension offers one of the best suspension solutions on the market for those who demand excellent ride quality without sacrificing spirited performance and also Prime Suspension dampers were introduced with the intention on being capable entry-level dampers to fit a broad spectrum of budgets and uses. The Applications utilize an array of high quality components and trickle down from Prime Suspensions partner company Fortune Auto, to ensure a wide range of adjustability and versatility.

Swift and Hypercoil Springs are also and available optional upgrade. Please contact us for upgrade info.


• 24 Step Damping Adjustability

• Height Adjustable Independent of Preload

• Pillowball and Camber Plates when Applicable

• Dampers Valved to Spring Rate

• Monotube Damper Design

• Custom Spring Rates Available with Swift Spring Upgrade

• 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

• Rebuildable at the Fortune Auto North American Facility