Race Ramps RR-56

Price: $203.30
Race Ramps RR-56
Vehicle Service Ramp; For Very Low Clearance Vehicles to Perform Maintenance; 56 Inch Length x 12 Inch Width x 8 Inch Height; 7 1/4 Inch or Greater Vehicle Ground Clearance; Supports Up to 3000 Pounds; With Handy Straps for Carrying and Storage; Polystyrene and Polyurea; Set of 2
Our 56 Inch Race Ramps are perfect for the delicate jobs for your low profile or low clearance vehicle — they lift your car up 8 Inch off the ground at a 10.75 Degree incline, giving you rock-solid stability for whether you’re putting your car on display for a show, giving your baby a tune up or changing the oil. The smaller size and lower rise make these puppies extra portable, perfect for toting around to car shows or training sessions. Just toss the 2 piece 56 Inch Race Ramps in the trunk and you’re good to go. Going out on the prowl for that new project car? Bring your ramps along to take a look underneath! You wouldn’t buy a car without looking under the hood — use Race Ramps to check out the bottom side too!
Compatibility: Very Low Clearance Vehicles To Perform Maintenance
Length (IN): 56 Inch
Width (IN): 12 Inch
Height (IN): 8 Inch
Ground Clearance: Greater Vehicle Ground Clearance
Weight Capacity (LB): 3000 Pounds
Color: Black
Material: Polystyrene And Polyurea
With Handy Straps: Yes
Quantity: Set Of 2
  • Lightweight-Easy To Carry And Maneuver
  • Special Construction-Won’t Scratch Or Mark Your Floors
  • 100 Percent Solid Core Design
  • Unscootable Won’t Slip Or Slide, No Matter The Surface
  • Limited 1 Year Warranty