Race Ramps RR-XT

Price: $292.60
Race Ramps RR-XT
Vehicle Service Ramp; For Very Low Clearance Vehicles to Perform Maintenance; 67 Inch Length x 14 Inch Width x 10 Inch Height; 7 1/4 Inch or Greater Vehicle Ground Clearance; Supports Up to 3000 Pounds; With Handy Straps for Carrying and Storage; Polystyrene and Polyurea; Set of 2
Our 67 Inch Race Ramps XT have a gentle, 10.75 Degree angle for your low clearance vehicle — but don’t let that “gentle” stuff fool you. Our solid core design ramps are the toughest around, supporting up to 3,000 Pounds and tires up to 12 Inch wide. Whether you’ve got a Corvette or other low clearance vehicle, this low profile car ramp will get the job done. The 67 Inch Race Ramps XT are ideal for oil changing, car detailing or other routine maintenance. Expect to be surprised, because you won’t believe how easy it is to drive up our ramp. These lightweight, low profile car ramps easily lift your car 10 Inch off the ground, but they weigh only 15 Pounds each, meaning that doing maintenance on your low clearance vehicle won’t be the usual chore (no more heavy blocks of wood!) Most of all, our 67 Inch Race Ramps are safe and Unscootable, hugging the ground and never slipping or sliding no matter what the ground’s like — grass, dirt and yes, even ice! If you’re working in the garage or in the driveway, like all Race Ramps, it won’t dig into, scratch or blemish your floors.
Compatibility: Very Low Clearance Vehicles To Perform Maintenance
Length (IN): 67 Inch
Width (IN): 14 Inch
Height (IN): 10 Inch
Ground Clearance: 7-1/4 Inch Or Greater Vehicle Ground Clearance
Weight Capacity (LB): Supports Up To 3000 Pounds
Color: Black
Material: Polystyrene And Polyurea
With Handy Straps: Yes
Quantity: Set Of 2