Wiseco BoostLine Connecting Rods


Wiseco BoostLine Connecting Rods! Specifically designed for high horsepower boosted and nitrous assisted builds.The Wiseco engineering team created this new, patent-pending 3-pocket design specifically for demanding turbocharged, supercharged and big nitrous applications. These connecting rods are ideal for today’s high horsepower engines and provide 60% more bending strength compared to common H-beam rods! Each rod is designed, finished and inspected in the USA and includes an inspection report from our quality team.

Wiseco Boostline Conecting Rods rethink traditional coneecting rod design.Basically H-beams like to twist and I-beams like to squish, so this takes the best of both worlds and merges them into one. Versus our competitors on the market it’s actually a little bit lighter than an I-beam and a little heavier than an H-beam, and is intended as a power-adder rod for big power

Designed specifically for high horsepower forced induction and nitrous applications
•     60% increase in bending strength vs. H-Beam
•     Patent Pending high strength 3-pocket design
•     Machined from premium 4340 forged steel
•     High quality ARP Bolts included
•     Inspected and finished in the USA (Mentor, Ohio)

The rods  are intended for extreme duty, highly boosted applications and have been carefully designed to minimize stress in the rod and resist bending under extreme loads.  They are manufactured from 4340 chromoly and are fitted with ARP 2000 rod bolts