Fitech EFI Systems

With an increasing number  of performance enthusiasts choosing fuel injection over carburetion, FiTech Fuel Injection has created a stir by offering throttle body EFI systems with pricing that  you, might expect to  pay for a carburetor.

Sounds like a good idea, you think?

According to FiTech president Ken Farrell, FiTech leverages OE electronics, pairing them with high quality aftermarket street and performance throttle body systems to provide big-power solutions for regular-people budgets. Concurrent with their desire to provide affordable EFI options for average wage earners, Farrell says FiTech is committed to providing reliable performance in a user-friendly package for DIY mechanics.

In the video below, you’ll be introduced to FiTech’s Go EFI systems, including both the Go EFI 4 and Go EFI 8 fuel injection systems as well as introduces our new EFI fuel supply Sump tank for easy carb to Efi conversions throttle body systems; and its Power Adder series for purpose-built machines up 1,200 horsepower. You’ll learn the features and benefits included in each system that will help you decide which might take your carb conversion or fuel-injected project to the next level.

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