HKS Electronic Valve ControllerVI

For the ultimate in programmable boost control, HKS continues it’s heritage with the EVC 6 Electronic Valve Controller (6th generation). The EVC 6 includes many features typically seen on much more expensive stand-alone boost control ECUs in a compact, user-friendly, all-inclusive package. From novice to professional, street to strip – get the most out of your boosted car with HKS EVC 6.

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TFT Full Color Monitor: Clear and high level of visibility.

Monitor Navigation System: Simple, user-friendly setting and navigating.

Matured Stepping Motor technology utilized to the valve unit.

Valve size is reduced to 2/3 of the conventional valve.

“EVC Hyper Engine”: New generation CPU. Control speed is improved significantly

Boost Setting Range from stock up to 45 psi.

Boost control options:

Return-to-Stock: Boost pressure setting returns to stock pressure value when the unit is off.

Speed Signal Input: Speed signal input enables the boost control with the speed. (500km/h)

Throttle Signal Input:: Throttle position sensor signal input enables the boost control with the throttle angle.

Engine RPM Signal Input: Engine RPM signal input or ignition signal input enables the boost control with the engine RPM. (1 to 8 cylinders/up to 12000rpm)

3-Mode Boost Setting: Boost pressure can be set in 3 different modes to use them for different conditions.

3-Mode Offset Setting: The differences between the boost pressure set value and actual value can be offset in 3 different modes. This ensures more precise setting.

Data Memory: All settings are stored in the internal memory; so settings will not be lost even when the ignition is off or the battery is disconnected.

Data Lock: Data can be locked with a password; it prevents data loss or inadvertent data changes.

Scramble: The boost pressure can be increased by a designated value above the set value.

MAP Correction: Input of the throttle signal and engine RPM or vehicle speed signals enables the boost control by a 3D map using 2 these signals as axes.

Warning: If the boost exceeds the warning value, an audible beep and visible warning display notify the user. Also, the boost is lowered to the stock value or a preset value to prevents damage to the engine.

Triple Digital Meter: 3 digital data readings of surge tank pressure and throttle angle, engine RPM or vehicle speed can be displayed in real time.

Bar Graph Selection: Select the type of a bar graph from the boost pressure, throttle angle, engine RPM and vehicle speed.

Bar Graph Peak Hold: The bar graph displays the maximum value after it is reached. It can achieve easy instant recognition.

After Image: The maximum positive boost value is displayed for 3 seconds when the boost changes from positive pressure to negative pressure.

Display Brightness Selection: Select the display unit’s brightness from 2 levels.

Unit Selection: Select the unit from kPa or PSI.

Exhaust Bypass Selection: Select appropriate exhaust bypass type from swing valve type or poppet valve type.

Operations Buttons Side Switchable: The side of the buttons can be switched by flipping the monitor vertically

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