One Rare 1955 Corvette

                                                            1955 Corvette

Here we see Ray Owings 1955 Corvette, one rare Corvette. As we know , the Corvette was born in 1953. In the beginning it was definitely not the super sports car we have today. The Corvette was Chevrolet’s attempt to compete with the European sports cars. With only 300 Corvettes produced in 1953, and estimates that only 85-90 still exist, that’s a rare collectible. In 1954 there were 3640 produced and a large amount of those went unsold by years end. With an engine that lacked decent horsepower and marginal handling at best, the whole project was almost scrapped.

In 1955, with the introduction of the V-8 engine, a 265 cubic inch small block, Chevrolet had high hopes for the Corvette.Original production numbers, were hoped to be as high as 10,000, they didn’t come close, only producing 700. Again, that number alone makes it a rare car, and then add 57 years to it and it becomes real rare.In comes Ray’s 55 Corvette, out of the 700 Corvettes produced that year, there were 6, that’s right 6, that came with the Blue Flame six cylinder, now we get rarer, of the six, 4 were manual transmissions, and 2 were automatic, now were down to 2. That year , in hopes to boost sales, Chevrolet increased it’s color selection for the Corvette. With only 120 of the 700 produced, having the Harvest Gold and Dark Green top, we can’t be sure but this may be the only,1955 Harvest Gold, six cylinder, automatic transmission Corvette ever made.We do know that it is the only 6 cylinder, auto trans. 1955 Corvette in existence.

When Roy Owings found this car almost 20 years ago, it was not even close to the condition you see here today. In the word’s of his wife, Judy, “It looked like an Elephant had sat on the car”. Buried in weeds, taller than the car itself, he pulled it out. For the price he paid, which we will not disclose, she thought he was crazy.Ray knew what he had found, after much research, of the 2 automatic transmission 1955, six cylinder Corvette made, and the other one not in existence any longer, he had his one rare Corvette.The long 10 year journey of restoration began, a complete frame off restoration, every nut, bolt and screw meticulously put back into place. It’s original 235 cubic inch, Blue Flame six cylinder, with it’s 3 side draft Carter carbs, was brought back to life.

Now a days, Ray proudly shows his beautiful, one of a kind 1955 six cylinder Corvette up and down the East Coast. It’s amazing a car like this still exists and to add to the magnificent machine,                                                             1955 Corvette
get this under 15000 original mile on the clock, and speaking of clocks the one in the dash still keeps time to this day.One would think that a car like this would be sitting in a museum somewhere, but just the opposite, Ray shares his beloved car with all. Everyone and anyone who want a picture he gladly opens the door and lets them in, so they can have their picture taken in one of the world’s rarest cars. Thank you Ray Owings, for not only serving our country, and protecting our freedom, but for sharing your love of Corvettes with all of us.