Tein Real or Fake


Many times when a quality performance product hits the market, soon after a sub-par imitation product hits the market too, tricking customers into thinking they are buying a quality part when they are really getting an inferior part, often made in China. Tein is one such company that has recently seen an emergence of these imitation parts.

So how do you know the parts you ordered are real? Buying them from a reputable Tein distributor is an easy answer, but many times there are good “deals” on sites such as eBay or automotive forums. Although many of them may be authentic, many of them may also be counterfeit. Here’s how to spot the difference and what you need to know about the fakes.

Let’s start with the product label. The name of the company is Tein, not Teins. If your shock housings have a label that says Teins, stay away. Also, notice the authentic part uses the Tein logo on the label, the counterfeit does not. Moving to the top of the shock, the counterfeit has a larger adjustment knob than the authentic Tein shock. Moving down to the spring seat, seat lock, and bracket lock, the authentic Tein shock has more notches than the counterfeit part and are also shaped differently

The counterfeit parts may look authentic when new, but if you are buying a set of shocks with heavy corrosion, beware. Authentic Tein products use a 2-layer anti-rust powder coat treatment to prevent rusting. The counterfeit parts are simply painted Tein green. With some weather on the counterfeit parts, they can quickly rust.


Moving on to Tein springs, the counterfeit parts are even more difficult to spot. However, remember that a counterfeit part has not undergone the testing an authentic Tein part has. This can not only provide less than ideal performance, but more importantly can be a safety concern.

The counterfeit spring box looks nearly identical to the authentic, but if you look carefully you’ll notice the authentic parts are in a box with a clear yellow heavier weight font than the counterfeit. Without having the boxes side by side for comparison, this would be very difficult to detect. You can use this image for a reference.

Also if you look at the label on the box, the counterfeit part uses a larger label that is larger than the square it goes in. The authentic label will always be smaller than the square it goes in and printed with smaller margins to the edge of the label.


Moving on to the spring itself, the authentic part will always have the part number and lot number printed in a clear white font, parallel to the coil. As you can see the counterfeit part has a rougher font and is printed parallel to the ground, and not the coil.


And finally, you can see that an authentic Tein spring has the Tein logo printed on the spring. The counterfeit spring has a sticker of the Tein logo.

Be on the lookout for these differences and be sure you are installing genuine Tein parts. Make sure to get your parts directly through a Tein distributor or dealer to guarantee a quality product, and more importantly, your safety.

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